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Primary Features

Booster for WooCommerce is the Omnipotent Woocommerce Customizer

booster for woocommerce for sale

Woocommerce Multi Currencies Switcher

Auto-swicth Dynamic Pricing According to the selected Currency

Free version support 2 currencies, plus version support unlimited currencies

Optimizable Currency Options for woocommerce

Customize Woocommerce Cart Page

Add Custom Information to Cart-page

More Editable Options on Cart Page

Customize WooCommerce Checkout Page

More Editable Checkout page Options for Customize the Checkout Form

Tip: this is not a WYSIWYG checkout page customizer, without the editor with drag and drop feature, but still easy to use, and light weight.

Woocommerce Straight to Checkout link page

【Add to Cart】 direct to【Checkout Page】, Skip the 【Cart page】

Tip: Set the skip the cart page, you may lose the chance to show cross-sell products which usually exist on the bottom of the cart page

Customize Woocommerce Cart Shipping Cost

The weight based Table Rate Shipping is common, initial weight usually high, and the continuous weight cost less, below is a instance, it is easy to realzie it with woo booster plus

ConditionUnit PirceFormulaOrder Weight (kgs)shipping cost
0 to 1.0 KGS1.8 for initial1.80.3851.8
1.1 to 10 KGS1.8 for initial, and 1.4 for more1.8 + (weight-1) * 1.43.855.79
10 KGS +1.8 for initial, and 1.2 for more1.8 + (weight-1) * 1.238.546.80

More Optimizable Setting of woocommerce shipping & order in Booster Plus for WooCommerce
  1. Address Formats: Set address format in orders on per country basis. Force base country display.
  2. Customize admin orders list: add custom columns; add multiple status filtering.
  3. Add multiple custom shipping methods to WooCommerce.
  4. Display “left to free shipping” info.
  5. Maximum Products per User
  6. Custom Order Custom Statuses
  7. Order Minimum Amount Setting
  8. Custom Sequential Order Numbers
  9. Manage product quantities in WooCommerce order: set min, max, step; enable decimal quantities etc.
  10. Orders auto-complete; admin order currency; admin order navigation; bulk regenerate download permissions for orders.
  11. Shipping Calculator support flexible formular;
  12. Add descriptions to shipping methods on frontend.
  13. Add icons to shipping methods on frontend.
  14. Shipping Methods 
    • by City or Postcode
    • by Current Date/Time
    • by Min/Max Order Amount
    • by Min/Max Order Quantity
    • by Products: Set products, product categories, tags or shipping classes to include/exclude for shipping methods to show up.
    • by Users: Set user roles, users or membership plans to include/exclude for shipping methods to show up.
  15. Hide shipping when free is available. Grant free shipping on per product basis. Show only the most expensive shipping.
  16. Add delivery time estimation to shipping methods.

Customize PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips

  1. Customize Invoice, PI, Packing List, Credit Note etc is easy in Booster for WooCommerce​ .
  2. Sett the Sequential Invoice numbering, allow add Prefix and suffix;
  3. Editable Html template to generate PDF Invoice and other documents;
  4. Styling option define the format of PDF template by css;
  5. Add logo/text to the header, footer of PDF Docs;
  6. Page Setting allows users select Page Orientation, A4 A3 and more  paper size, change the margin, add a background image etc;
  7. Conditional attached PDF docs into Email for sharing with clients. Associate with order status and payment gateways;
  8. many booster shortcodes allow you customize PDF doc contents easily, need not to write php.

woocommerce booster plus customize the content format styling and action trigger of PDF Invoice PI Packing list

Free vs Plus


Paid Version - 196 Unlimited Features

Demo URL: Front

Demo Admin: Back

Account: demo


Free Version - 68 Features

Demo URL: Front

Demo Admin: Back

Account: demo



Why the price of woo booster plus so low?

Yes, the price is low because

What should I do if want to change the website URL?

Please tell us both the old and new URL

Does booster really could replace all other woocommerce plugins?

Booster helps you

  • Adjust every elements or contents, add / disable / change sth like text, labels, checkout fields;
  • Optimize the sales steps;
  • Offer more effective tools like bulk price converter, shipping calculator

It can not directly help you

  • bring more new visitors like google ads;
  • Design website theme like elmentor;
  • Increase Conversion Rate like mailchimp or other marketing plugin.

All in all, it is about content

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