Change the Booking labels and message with woocommerce booster plus


Easy to Change the Booking labels + message + date picker

With the woocommerce booster plus help, the hotel reservation setting becomes so simple, visitors could select how many people and periods by clicking the date selector/calendar, just make an appointment on your finger.

How to realize it?

The below image step by step shows how to enable the booking function on the back panel of woo booster plus, and you will find that we can change the booking labels and message.


woocommerce booster plus booking function allow change the labels and message
woocommerce Hotel booking function back end setting show

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Besides the Datepicker, booster plus also offers Weekpicker and Timepicker

weekpicker time picker from booster for woocommerce

This method is also suitable for a rental website, allowing visitors to decide the beginning and end date when trying to get a quote request.

Above solution base on the below plug-in

Paid Version (Plus)
  1. Buy it from  (from 69USD) and get professional support from the official Booster;
  2. Buy it from  (from 39.99USD),  authorized key but without expert support.
Free Version

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