How to set conditional payment gateway for different WooCommerce Products, and even to Variations


Woocommerce payment gateway default valid to all products, if you just want to make some limitation, you need Booster to help you to filter gateway by-products/categories/tags;

two ways to find where are the options we will mention


before setting it, you may like to add more gateways, however, you found there is no “+”  button like the below image shows.

WooCommerce default checkout option can not add more payment gateways.

Do not worry, install more payment plugins, e.g. stripe, square, and you can also customize a new one.


custom gateway in WooCommerce with the help of Booster


and now you can go to your domain/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=checkout&section to set the new gateway

new gateway for WooCommerce

details as following

custom WooCommerce payment gateway options

you can set min amount, Email content, instruction on the thanks page, Default Order Status after paid, Enable for shipping methods, and others.

Above solution base on the below plug-in

Paid Version (Plus)
  1. Buy it from  (from 69USD) and get professional support from the official Booster;
  2. Buy it from  (from 39.99USD),  authorized key but without expert support.
Free Version

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