How to set just one shipping method for each WooCommerce Product variant?


You set shipping class for each WooCommerce Product variant, but the cart page still shows multiple shipping methods, why?

Because WooCommerce misleading you! Shipping class is a bad name, you have to read this article to learn what’s it indeed. Shortly, I take it as a kind of “additional fee option”.

Thus what you have to do is limit the shipping methods by product.


With Booster plus for WooCommerce, you can realize it easily.

just 2 steps, you need not set the shipping class (yes, you can if you want to)

Step 1 build two or more shipping methods


create 2 WooCommerce shipping methods
find any WooCommerce shipping zone
create WooCommerce shipping methods but not shipping class
WooCommerce flat rate as a sample

Step 2 limits shipping methods by-products



limit WooCommerce shipping methods by product
limit WooCommerce shipping methods by product

Please pay attention to what options have been selected as the attached image shows.

At last, test it

Remember to change the country/city on the cart page, if you’ve set specific shipping zones.

And this method also works if you want to filter products by product category or tag.


Above solution base on the below plug-in

Paid Version (Plus)
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Free Version

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