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This Plugin for custom WooCommerce Product Addons,

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Table of Contents

How to Custom the WooCommerce Product Addons?

Step by step free tutorial, with clear screen-shots

Before we get started, we seriously tell you that

  1. This step-by-step tutorial is very easy to understand and practical for beginners;
  2. There are dozens of woocommerce custom product addons plugins, The one we adopt based on the Booster Plus which is an All-in-One WooCommerce custom plugin for WooCommerce
  3. Click Images to zoom;
  4. We’ve prepared a demo of Booster plus for you to testing, it’s free.

However, We’re not going to tell you what the benefits or reason of custom product addons in your woocommerce shop; 

Since it is your online store, and you know more about your products and service than us;

We just show how to create personalized products by add extra product options.

Now, let’s go!

Step 1 Enable the Product Add-on Module

Enable this module from the backend of the booster plus like the below screenshot shows;

You can enable woocommerce addons for each product or for all/global products

Just make 3 clicks like above , and then click save button, now you have finished step 1.

Step 2 Finish the content of Woocommerce Product Addons

Open any product edit page, edit the woocommerce product addons.

Actually, you have to plans to custom product addons like the following:

Plan A: Shows the [Value-Added Services[ as the Extra Product Options

Tip: visitors can not cancel the selected extra addon, unless refresh the product page.

Plan B: Shows the [Value-Added Services] and the [default option] together in the Product Options

  • Set the “Enable” to yes to active the product addon module for the current product;
  • 4 types add-on types available
    • Checkbox
    • Radio Button like this page shows, you can custom labels, additional cost, and tooltip content, as we did in this page;
    • Select Box / Dropdown, custom labels, and additional cost supported,
    • Text
  • Addons Title editable;
  • Editable Placeholder, Default Value, and even HTML Class supported if you need it;
  • You can set the product addon option is required or not;
  • save and update the product.
One More Thing

Besides the 4 types of addons type listed above,

the Input fields, Date Picker, Info block, and upload docs for product page also available,  but in other modules;

They work together seamlessly.

Step 3 Check the Product Page on Front-end

That’s all, could not be easier, right?

More Expierences

Where the WooCommerce addons labels will shows?

The product addons label will be added to the order table automatically, which means to any page where exist order tables, like

  1. The product page (of course);
  2. Cart page;
  3. Checkout page;
  4. order-receiving page/thank you page;
  5. Admin order page
  6. Email;
  7. PDF Invoice
Click to Zoom
Click to Zoom

Skills share

Besides the woo addons labels, palceholds, there are more woocommerce extra product options you could set with Booster Plus. 

Here is an simple instance, customize the price format in the addons option interface (step 1), e.g. the “+”  before extra money, (it is not set at the addons price field);

At last

The “WooCommerce Product Addons” is just 1 of 20+ moduels in the “products” sub-category in booster, like the below screenshot shows.

Beside the Add (paid/free/discount) addons to products, with this WooCommerce Product Customize Plugin, you can

  • Set Add to Cart Local Redirect, get one page checkout
  • Set All Products to “Sold individually”
  • Display Radio Buttons Instead of Drop Box on the variable product page;
  • Remove the “Add to cart “button globally, per product or per category;
  • change the Add to Cart Button Position;
  • Enable/disable Add to Cart button globally or on per product basis;
  • Add bookings products to WooCommerce, custom booking labels and messages, ;
  • Save product purchase costs data for admin reports;
  • Set the cross-sell and upsell by category or tags, or manual indicates;
  • Change displayed related products number, columns, order; relate by tag, category, product attribute or manually on per product basis. Hide related products completely.
  • Product Available by date, time
  • Product visibility by country, user role;
  • Bulk edit Products meta;
  • Add crowdfunding products to WooCommerce.
  • Add product extra fees title, price, and set conditional product fees rules as per your requirement.
  • Customize products images and thumbnails, hide or show on single product page, archives page; placeholder image.
  • Add additional info to category and single product pages.
  • Add input fields to the products.
  • Change display options for shop and category pages: show/hide categories count, exclude categories, show/hide empty categories.
  • Save and display product MSRP in WooCommerce.
  • Add custom product tabs – globally or per product. Customize or completely remove WooCommerce default product tabs.
  • Add “products per page” selector to WooCommerce.
  • Add more sorting options; rename or remove default sorting options; rearrange sorting options on frontend.
  • Products stock display management.
  • Customize WooCommerce tax display;
  • Let users add new products from the frontend.

110+ modules in the WooCommerce booster plus will help you to control not only the extra product options, it is about almost everything of the WooCommerce shop.

In brief, it is a must-have WooCommerce plugin, save money, save time, plenty! 

You may not need this, if your (or your staffs) daily wage < 19.99 USD

Alternative Product Addons Plugins

Ultimate is also an awesome tool to personalize your product options, it

  • offers 16 add-on field types, including checkboxes, dropdowns, text fields, field image, other product as the son addons,
    Advanced features like conditional logic
  • Visual interface WYSIWYG effect, friendly to users to edit the woocommerce product options.

Suggest buying the pro version to get all features, although the price is not low.

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