Modules categoryModulesFree VersionPlus Version
Product Extra FeesProduct Extra Feesno
BookingsBookingsSingle product only
Custom Product TabsGloballySingle product tab only
Custom Product TabsPer productSingle product tab only
Custom Product TabsCustomize standard product tabsExcept priority (i.e. order)
Product Add to CartProduct add to cartExcept radio buttons instead of drop box for variable products
Product AddonsGloballySingle addon only
Product AddonsPer productThree products only
Product Cost PriceProduct cost priceSingle additional custom price field only
Product ImagesProduct images
Product InfoSingle product pageSingle info block only
Product InfoArchivesSingle info block only
Product Input FieldsGloballySingle input field only
Product Input FieldsPer productSingle input field only
Product ListingsShop page display
Product ListingsCategory displayExcept hide subcategories count on category pages
Product ListingsProducts per pageDefault select options only
Product ListingsTAX display
Conditional Product VisibilityProduct Visibility by Country

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