Auto Replace “yourdomain”


we’d like to share the direct link of different booster function tabs, e.g.


this link is the page that shows the booster option on the admin bar, like this.

booster option

Auto replace character in URL

you need to replace the blue part with your domain, Change it manually occasionally is ok,

But if you feel it is too slow, then a chrome plugin named “Rapid Director” will save you time.

how to set the auto URL replacement

after setting it like the above image, it will auto-redirect to the right page on your website when your click the URL we listed.

Multiple Similar URLs with different domains

but if you have an original site and some staging websites, you wanna switch between them.

You may realize this by opening two chrome browsers with different profiles, one with the above extension, another profile without, but you need to update the setting by this method, especially exists 3 or more websites.

Hence, another chrome extension name Switch URL was recommended here

the option like the below screenshot

give it a name, and you may add URLs (max 5 each row), which will be switchable among them.

Switch url
Switch URL

the frontend like this

Above solution base on the below plug-in

Paid Version (Plus)
  1. Buy it from  (from 69USD) and get professional support from the official Booster;
  2. Buy it from  (from 39.99USD),  authorized key but without expert support.
Free Version

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